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February 19th, 2014

Lawmakers may replace ISTEP test

February 19, 2014

INDIANAPOLIS (HSPA) — Thousands of third- through eighth-graders will be tested next school year to make sure they’ve mastered math and language arts lessons, but right now no one knows what will be on that test.

This year could be the last time students take the ISTEP exam, which is what the state uses now to gauge students’ English and math skills.
Originally, the plan was for the state to start using a new kind of test, the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College Careers, or PARCC exam, which matched planned changes in state standards called Common Core.

Snow blamed for roof collapse at Glenbrook

February 19, 2014

FORT WAYNE(AP) — Officials are blaming the weight of snow for causing a corridor roof to collapse at a Fort Wayne shopping mall.

The collapse that happened about 2 a.m. Tuesday at Glenbrook Square left debris and snow in a corridor near its Sears store and inside part of a restaurant.

Allen County building commissioner Dave Fuller tells area media it appears snow blew off the higher roof of the Sears store and accumulated on the lower roof over the corridor. Fuller says it could take significant time to make repairs.

February 18th

CHILD BREAKS 1,000: Library book club inducts a new reader

February 18, 2014

Jade and Charlie Wigent, pictured, are one of several groups that have joined the 1,000 Book Club at the Peabody Public Library. As part of the program, Charlie received a tote bag and a book of his choice.

HEY, BIG READER: Tot earns right to book club

February 18, 2014

Katie Myers and Callaghan Myers (right) celebrate Callaghan’s reading achievement. He read 1,000 books and is now part of Peabody Public Library’s reading club.

McClish presents favorite painter to Epsilon

February 18, 2014

COLUMBIA CITY — At the February meeting of Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Eta Fine Arts Sorority Susan McClish presented on one of her favorite painters, Grant Wood.

He was born in 1891 in Iowa on a farm. Though he had some training in France and in Impressionism, he loved Iowa and the symmetry of Iowa fields. He developed his own style combining realism and symbolism.
His most famous painting is “American Gothic,” completed in 1930. Wood’s sister and a local dentist are portrayed in the painting, which became more popular as the Depression deepened.

SNOW TURNS TO WATER: Flooding concerns swell as another storm hits

February 18, 2014

COLUMBIA CITY — It’s not just snow that Whitley County residents need to be concerned with, but its liquid counterpart as well. While most would agree that winter has overstayed its welcome this season, with record-breaking snowfall amounts and frigid temperatures — warm-up and rain may not be as welcomed as some may have hoped.

Another winter storm dropped several inches of snow on the area Monday afternoon, sending students home early from school and cancelling many evening events.

ROBBERY RESOLVED: Man admits to stealing credit cards, other items from ’Busco home

February 18, 2014

COLUMBIA CITY — A man accused of stealing credit cards and other possessions pleaded guilty in Whitley County Circuit Court.
Cruz T. Johannsen, 22, of Fort Wayne, pleaded guilty to theft, a Class D felony.

As part of a plea agreement, other charges against Johannsen, which include burglary and two counts of fraud on a financial institution, were dismissed. Johannsen will be sentenced in court today. He is represented by Brad Baber.

SENTENCE DELIVERED: Scoggins pleads guilty to forgery

February 18, 2014

COLUMBIA CITY — A Florida woman who participated in a forgery scheme with her boyfriend pleaded guilty in Whitley County Circuit Court.
Rebecka L. Scoggins, 38, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., was arrested in October on charges of forgery and theft.

She pleaded guilty to two charges of forgery. As part of a plea agreement, the charges of theft will be dismissed.Scoggins gave up her right to appeal her sentence as long as the court complies with her plea agreement. Scoggins will be sentenced March 24 at 9 a.m. Her attorney is Scott Lennox.

FIGHTING TO BE HEARD: State decisions have negative effect on smaller areas

February 18, 2014

COLUMBIA CITY — Whitley County Commissioner Chairman George Schrumpf has a heart for Whitley County, but feels rural areas might be losing a state voice.

“There have been so many state mandates that have caused our county to lose revenue,” said Schrumpf. “State leaders believe they can do what we do on a local level better, but it usually costs more money and in end the county misses out on revenue.”

Swim lessons heat up the pool

February 18, 2014

Mrs. Gawthrop’s third-grade class from Northern Heights Elementary School is enjoying swimming this winter at the Whitley County YMCA. Third graders from around the county participate in swimming lessons each year, provided by the Whitley County YMCA Swimming Lessons Endowment Fund. In addition to learning how to swim, students also receive instruction on proper swimming techniques, water safety and life skills. Pictured, students of Mrs. Gawthrop’s class also enjoy a little fun “free time” in the water. From left: Xitlally Rodrigquez and Allyson Dear.


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