'11 projects planned in 'Busco

CHURUBUSCO — Water, sewer and street projects were discussed by the Churubusco Town Council at its Nov. 17 meeting. The list of projects to complete for 2010-2011, besides maintenance projects at the government building, town hall, fire department and water plant, includes 12 water projects, such as looping Greenwood Circles, replacing the water main at Washington between South and West streets, looping West Pleasant Street at NAPA to link with Anderson Road, which will put a 10-inch water main in position for Keistler’s Addition.A high priority water project is to install a 12-inch water main south to provide water for the residents who have recently been annexed. This would also provide a loop for a four-inch main behind the Magic Wand. This project will have to be bid out. The metering system will also have to be replaced, because parts cannot be obtained for the old system. Thirty to forty meters inside need to be replaced, as well as four to five large meters. A 12-inch water main along north U.S. 33 needs to be extended to loop Vandalia Apartments, Thresher Ridge, and Turtle Run at County Road 550. The city would also continue to replace lead lines along U.S. 33 and U.S. 205 and replace different valves around town, buy a leak detector, and bore service to three homes on East 205, in addition to replacing a hydrant on 205 and one in the park.Sewer projects are also in the works for Churubusco in the next year. The highest priority is to replace the sewer main and storm line (200 feet) between Washington and Tulley streets. Trees will be removed at 414 North Main Street, 30 feet of sewer line there will be replaced, and a manhole will be installed. The sewer line will be extended at Turtle Run, and then on to pick up four houses along CR 550 East. Likewise, the sewer main along Greenwood will be extended and reconnected to Greenwood Circles to replace services. The sewer main along North Mulberry Street will be replaced to stop infiltration. Manholes around town will be sealed as needed.Street projects include a total reconstruction of West Street, which involves removing old asphalt and installing stone and new asphalt. East Street will also be totally reconstructed. Curbs along Windsor Street will be replaced, and cracks will be filled in eight streets. The concrete sections at Old Mill Place need to be replaced, or they might just be paved over. Douglas Street will be widened between Line Street and Windsor. Streets will be edged and striped where needed.Annexation projects coming up for the town include Kestrel’s Addition, Clingerman and 900 (should happen in Spring 2011), U.S. 33 North along 550 north of Thresher, and Circle Drive.-30-