69 units collected at recent blood drive

COLUMBIA CITY — Sixty-nine units of blood were collected from 71 potential donors Thursday at the Columbia City United Methodist Church. Exceeding the goal of 64, the Red Cross Bloodmobile personnel were grateful for the good turn-out.Special recognition for reaching a specific amount of blood donated was given to Rex Beck for 21 gallons, Ron Rubrake for 19 gallons, and David Meyer and Vance Heinzman for seven gallons each. Adam Koshurin was a first-time donor.Columbia CityTwenty-two donors from Columbia City included Patricia Hartman, Caitlin Kelly, Cathy Gardner, Cheryl Keener, Craig Wagner, David Heinbaugh, Forrest Small, Francis Bundy, Harrison Harker, Katherine Fleck, Kenneth Lundquist, Kylie Hagans, Larry Jackson, Laura Byers, Leonard Crosby, Miranda Jackson, Ronald Rubrake, Roxene Hagans, Ruth Lucas, Sarrina Birchum, Thomas LaRue and Vance Heinzman.ThorncreekSixteen donors from Thorncreek Township were Alisson Trigg, Bobbie Shafter, Chad Whetstone, Cinda Hart, Ellen Hively, Greg Hunter, James Hart, Justin Trigg, Nancy Gingher, Priscilla Peters, Raymond Deno, Ronald Godot, Sarah Slain, Stanley Peters, Stephanie Moctezuma and Thomas Henney.UnionThere were eight donors from Union Township that included Adam Koshurin, Christin Houston, Jack Keller, Kevin Michel, Roberta Metzger, Rodney Mitchell, Susan Wood and Tina Hettmansperger.Etna-TroySix donors came from Etna-Troy Township. They were Cynthia Lincoln, Diana Walter, Edward Braun, Jennica Maggart, Roxanna Maggart and Trudy Lipply.ColumbiaFive donors from Columbia Township included Daryl Swing, David McClure, Harry Waldenville, Mary Myers and Tom Drew.JeffersonJefferson Township donors were Larry Creech, Linda Hoffman and Robert Hoffman.RichlandRichland Township had three donors, Judith Hinora, Sonya Rubrake and Tonya Weeks.WashingtonWashington Township donors included David Meyer, Mary Wolf and Pat Stetzel.SmithSmith Township had one donor, Carl Dietz.Noble CountyNoble County was represented by Daniel Graham and Rex Beck. Kosciusko CountyKosciusko County had two donors, Mary L. Swinehart and Randall Swinehart.Volunteers helping with set-up were Tom Drew and Leonard Crosby. Tear-down volunteers were Bob Cornmesser, Gerald and Joyce Pawlak and Geoff and Diane Foughty.Volunteering at the registration table were Mary Cornmesser, Ellen Hively and Waneta Bundy.In the canteen were Sandy Thomas, Diana Walter, Ruthie Busick and Roberta Metzger. The canteen was sponsored by Sandy Thomas and Forrest Small.The Red Cross Bloodmobile will return to Columbia City United Methodist Church May 1 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.