Armstrong: Talk to state legislators

COLUMBIA CITY — School board president Don Armstrong called on constituents as well as fellow members of the Whitley County Consolidated School Corporation’s Board of School Trustees to be vocal to the state legislature regarding the future of education in Indiana.“I’ve heard education is on the rocks,” said Armstrong at Monday night’s regular board meeting.“Visit our schools and then tell me education is on the rocks.”Armstrong said the state legislators currently making vital decisions regarding education might need educated themselves.“I’m not sure they’re in a position to really know what’s best,” he said.Armstrong was reacting to education reform ideas being bandied about the Indiana statehouse, as well as policies from recent years that have put a pinch on the pocketbooks of school systems statewide.WCCS recently joined a coalition of other school systems calling on the state to level the playing field when it comes to handing out money for schools on a “per-student” basis.Officials at school systems the size of Columbia City and smaller have complained that a disparity exists where some corporations receive sometimes twice as much per student, depending on school size or geographic location.Also at issue are proposed charter schools and performance-based teacher assessments.“It seems to me our legislators need to realize that we need to be a team,” said Armstrong.The board president called on those in attendance to contact state lawmakers either by phone or through the Internet.