BURN PERMIT: City council makes changes to fire code

COLUMBIA CITY — At the Columbia City Common Council meeting Tuesday, the council amended the fire prevention code on second reading. The change regards burn permits.During the council’s meeting in June, when it was passed on first reading, Columbia City Fire Chief Tom LaRue explained how this eliminates the verbiage that gives the City of Columbia City, the Board of Works and himself the right to issue burn permits. LaRue said people would need to comply with state law as well as IDEM standards on this rule.At Tuesday’s meeting Mayor Ryan Daniel reiterated these points to the council.“This changes our code to talk about how we are no longer issuing burn permits,” said Daniel.Daniel said the issue was first brought up when a citizen came to a Board of Works meeting seeking permission for a burn permit. After further investigation with the department of Environmental Management, Daniel said a memo slipped by them that they are no longer allowed to issue a burn permit to anyone.