City lift station gets bandage

COLUMBIA CITY — Workers from Columbia City’s Water Pollution Control Facility were working feverishly Friday afternoon to repair a pump in the lift station for Steel Dynamics Corporation.“We’re putting a Band-Aid on it today,” said Facility Superintendent Mike Cook.Cook said the lift station has two pumps. The station needs one pump to operate, but has a second pump as a redundancy.One of the two pumps came loose from its base, according to Cook.“It (the pump’s base) was corroded,” said Cook. “It wasn’t stainless steel. We should have it (the station) up and running again this afternoon.”According to Cook, the crew onsite took a stop-gap measure to return the lift station to operational status, but would return possibly next week to install new stainless steel bases for both the pumps.Cook reported the project to the city’s Board of Works Friday morning.“We have about a four-hour window to work with,” Cook told the board.“We have to get in, get out and be done.”Cook said SDI discharges up to 250,000 gallons of raw sewage each day.