CLOSED: INDOT announces county road closings

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is advising motorists that there will be temporary lane restrictions on Ind. 14 and Ind. 37 in Whitley and Allen counties next week.Beginning Monday, INDOT maintenance crews will begin a pavement preservation process by fog sealing along Ind. 14, from Ind. 9 to West Hamilton Road in Whitley and Allen counties.The eastbound lane of Ind. 14 will undergo work on Monday.The westbound lane will undergo work on Tuesday.When this stretch is complete, crews will move on to Allen County on Wednesday.As work is in progress, the road will be restricted to single-lane traffic in alternating directions controlled by flaggers.This is a continuously slow-moving operation. Drivers should also be aware of merging construction traffic.It is anticipated work will begin at approximately 8 a.m. and be complete by 5 p.m. each day, with all work being completed by end of the day on Wednesday.The areas to be fog sealed have already undergone a chip-seal process prior to the fog sealing.Chip-seal consists of distributing a liquid asphalt emulsion on the roadway and covering the liquid asphalt with crushed stone to provide a new wearing surface.Chip-sealing extends the life of a roadway by protecting it from moisture, ultra-violet degradation and any other exposures that could damage a roadway.The fog seal is being applied on top of the chip seal work.Fog seal is a light application of asphalt material that can lock in loose stone and help alleviate dust.An additional benefit is that it also creates a black surface, which makes pavement markings more visible for increased safety.