COLUMBIA CITY — The Columbia City Common Council approved Tuesday night, the first reading of an ordinance authorizing the sale of park lands owned by the city.Mayor Ryan Daniel read a letter from the park board describing the intention to sell or vacate three properties including North Street Garden, Mayor’s Park and Langeloh Park. Although the park board said the locations only cost them $20 a week, or $600 a year, to mow, there are also other maintenance expenses as well that add up. “The parks board recommendation is to first try to sell these properties to the adjoining land owners,” said Daniel. “If selling the property is not an option due to a lack of buyers, they would like to split the land property and give it to each adjoining land owner.”Councilman Dan Weigold said he thought Mayor’s Park would be a good park to reconsider.Bill Simpson mentioned that he received several calls concerning Mayor’s Park.“Kids do play there and they extend their hope that we consider that,” said Simpson. “I think that the small parks in our neighborhood are one of the best things we have going for us.”Taking these suggestions into consideration, Daniel made a motion to pass the ordinance subject to the removal of Mayor’s Park, and the council approved.