County to spend $13,000 to improve police radio signals

COLUMBIA CITY — A new system was approved by the Whitley County Commissioners Monday that will help emergency crews in South Whitley communicate better with the county’s new 800 MHz radios.Scott Jones, Whitley County’s 911 Director presented a proposal to the commissioners Monday for a Dispatch Voter System to be used to enhance signal in South Whitley, which has traditionally had reception issues because of what Jones described as low elevation.“South Whitley has always had problems with radios,” said Jones. “They have a very difficult time getting out and with receiving. It makes it very dangerous for them if they’re in a building or on foot pursuit.”Jones said the new system, which will cost $13,441.99, will be paid for by funds in the county’s 911 fund.“It’s not just for South Whitley officers because as you know, county officers are down in that area too,” Jones said.Jones added that fire and emergency medical crews, who have not switched over to the new 800 MHz system, would not yet receive benefit from the dispatch voter system.