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DECALS: Col. City’s golf cart owners could be required to display proof of permits

August 30, 2012

COLUMBIA CITY — An amendment was passed on first reading in regards to city golf cart permits at the Columbia City Common Council meeting Tuesday. It will be moved to a second reading at the next meeting Sept. 11.
With the county recently adopting an ordinance, Columbia City Police Chief Tim Longenbaugh said the city’s regulations state that those who operate golf carts in the city must have a city permit.
“I thought the golf carts could have some kind of a placard or decal that the permit holders could attach to the golf cart,” said Longenbaugh.
“Officers would be able to, without stopping the golf cart, check for a permit and be able to see if that person has had a permit issued.”
Mayor Ryan Daniel said he thought the change would assist the officers as they determined if citizens had permits or not.
Longenbaugh said it was also brought up in a previous Board of Works meeting that the city would also charge $5 per golf cart permit, non-transferable.
“For the people who have already been issued golf cart permits — we would have to mail them their permits along with the regulations,” said Longenbaugh.
Daniel said the Board of Works also suggested to Longenbaugh that there should be a free period, and the charge for permits should not begin until Jan. 1 of 2013.


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