DOSE OF REALITY: Program teaches dangers of drunk driving

CHURUBUSCO — An annual event timed to coincide with the Churubusco Junior Senior High School prom is worth the effort that goes into it, if even one life is saved, according to the event’s coordinators.CJSHS’s chapter of Students Against Destructive Decisions cleared the school’s parking lot Friday for an exercise designed to show students the effect of drunk driving, according to co-chairwomen Angie Glick and Brenda King.After the parking lot was cleared off, construction cones were assembled and several police officers were present while each high school student took a turn driving a golf cart while wearing eyewear known as “fatal vision goggles.”“We love having the kids come out and put the fatal vision goggles on,” said Glick.“It really shows them how visually impaired they become when they have been drinking.”Courtney Winget, a senior, is a member of SADD. She put the goggles on and Indiana State Police Trooper Andrew Mills gently guided her through the cones. “The cones represent people. She probably ‘killed’ four or five people with those goggles on,” said Mills.“When you drink, you lose your balance, it’s a simple fact. Those goggles represent a typical reaction for people who are intoxicated.”Mills gave Winget a field sobriety test and she failed that as well.“I couldn’t see the line to walk on it,” said Winget. Students also had a chance to compete in the Quick Click Challenge which is basically a Chinese Fire Drill with fatal vision goggles on.ISP Officer Ron Galaviz was on hand Friday.“We cover 11 counties and it seems like every prom and/or graduation weekend someone gets killed or hurt because of destructive decisions,” said Galaviz.