FIRE SAFETY: Fireman teaches the basics to SWES youngsters

SOUTH WHITELY – For a quarter of a century, Capt. Dave Meadows has been fighting fires for the City of Fort Wayne. For most of those years he has visited South Whitley Elementary School to teach children fire safety with Cleveland Township firemen.The South Whitley native works in the Safety Education Division of the Fort Wayne Fire Department and recently brought his dog “Shadow” as part of his class demonstration.“I rescued him. He is a Shepherd Labrador mix and he’s a certified therapy dog,” said Capt. Meadows.Students of SWES were taught to “learn not to burn.“ With Capt. Meadows leading the way, the children listed “hot stuff” around the house including stoves, candles, microwave, fireplaces, frying pans, matches and lighters.The also practiced the “Stop, Drop and Roll” technique.Capt. Meadows concluded, “If you do your job and your parents do theirs you probably will never be in a fire.”