FIREWORKS ORDINANCE: City works to make amendment

COLUMBIA CITY — With the Fall Festival approaching in September, an amendment was passed on first reading concerning the city’s Fireworks Ordinance at the Columbia City Common Council meeting Tuesday.According to the City Fire Chief Tom LaRue, there were two issues being addressed in the amendment. “There are two things. One portion of it is a clarification that we do not regulate anything other than consumer grade fireworks,” said LaRue.Public displays of fireworks are governed by Indiana Code, according to the ordinance.“The part that would affect the Board of Works is that there are certain dates you can light fireworks in city limits,” said LaRue to the Board of Works at its meeting Tuesday. “Right now the city ordinance says that we cannot do consumer grade fireworks on Sept. 22 or whatever date you may want.”Under the amendment, the Board of Works will be allowed to determine other dates and times that individuals can light off fireworks in certain situations.“In the situation that we had this year, for instance, where we had the burn ban basically in all the dates in summer that allow for individuals to light off fireworks in the city, since that was under the burn ban the whole time, they have not had the opportunity to do that,” said Mayor Ryan Daniel.The amendment will continue to second reading.