GOLF CART: Sheriff urges owners to purchase county/city permits

COLUMBIA CITY — After the recent approval of a county Golf Cart Ordinance, allowing golf carts on county roads, Sheriff Mark Hodges said residents need to purchase permits based on where they want to drive in the county.“The easiest method to take care of everything is if you live in the county, you’re going to have to have a county permit to ride your golf cart, and if you want to ride your golf cart into the city, you need a city permit and vice versa,” said Hodges.The Whitley County Board of Commissioners approved the ordinance May 21, and it went into effect July 1, but Hodges said he has not seen many people applying for the permit.“They don’t have to bring their golf cart in, and we don’t go out and inspect them,” said Hodges. After applying for the county permit, Hodges said those applying are able to read over the ordinance before signing, and they are issued a sticker.“If they’re found somewhere down the road to be in violation of that then we’ll take enforcement action on that,” said Hodges.The reason for this county ordinance is due to the fact that there are some differences between the city and county rules.“We decided that was the easiest way to handle it,” said Hodges.To print out a form, visit The completed form and $50 registration fee may be brought to the Sheriff’s Department. The fee is payable in correct amount with no personal checks accepted. The Sheriff’s Department is located in the Jail building at 101 West Market Street in Columbia City.