Hoskins receives NHES Sportsmanship Award

COLUMBIA CITY — Northern Heights Elementary School has seen its physical education program launch with a “great start.” According to school officials, younger students have been working on spatial awareness, movement patterns and locomotor skills. Older students have finished units on soccer, ultimate football and cooperative team games. Sportsmanship is a big push this year during physical education. “It is important for all students to give 100 percent during any unit, and to learn to do their best at all times,” said NHES Principal Jake Hoag.Hoag said sportsmanship is defined as "conduct and attitude considered as befitting participants in sports, especially fair play, courtesy, striving spirit, and grace in losing."To emphasize sportsmanship NHES gives a Sportsmanship Award to a student if they exemplify the meaning of sportsmanship. They receive a “high five,” and incentive program at NHES, and will get to choose their favorite sport to display on the bulletin board. Their name is also posted on the board to recognize their efforts. Matthew Hoskins, a fourth grader at NHES, was the recent recipient of the Sportsmanship Award during physical education class.