ISMS teams taking their visions of future cities to competition

Staff reportSome 7th grade students at ISMS have taken an engineering role and mentality and run with it. Recently, students have been participating in the National Future City competition. This competition incorporates STEM standards and curriculum — science, technology, engineering and math—, project-based learning and cooperation. According to the Future City website, students first create on the computer, and then in large, three-dimensional models, their visions of the city of tomorrow.All of these 21st Century skills are regarded as highly valuable by current employers. Students will be judged on three main components: a virtual replica of a city 150 years into the future, a scale model of a portion of their city, and a written essay with regard to their city. All three of these components, along with their presentation skills, will be judged by engineers and experts at IPFW during the Regional Future City competition Saturday. Students will put their engineering knowledge to the test as they answer questions and explain their ideas alongside competitors from all over the state. Winning teams that will be competing at IPFW are:City: Windex City – Landon Yount, Drew Wyatt, Tatum Owen, Tanna Lauer, Evan Straub, Kyle Trigg, Walter Allard, Carson Reed and Spencer Klimek.City: Indian Springs – Brandon Renninger, Dylan Reed, Athena Arnold, Desiree Fey, Brock Bunyan, Brennan Fry, Leah Stansbery and Miranda Eber.City: Double H7 – Rylee Hackworth, Jenna Deathe, Corey Mills, Ryan Ramsey, Bryce Parnell, Tristan Alfano, Isaiah Hammons, Connor Smethers, Hannah Cotter and Holly Deno.