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April 26, 2012

COLUMBIA CITY — Jeremiah is typically known as a Biblical prophet. But to Brandon and Elizabeth Bauer, Jeremiah is a different servant of God.

Elizabeth and the Bauer’s three children were saved by who they call, an “angel”, Tuesday afternoon when their house caught ablaze.

A man only known as “Jeremiah” was driving by the Bauer residence when he saw smoke coming out of the side of the house.

“He came up to the house and knocked on the door,” Elizabeth said. “We figured he was here to buy eggs but he said, ‘Ma’am your house is on fire.’ The first thing he said was, ‘Can I do anything?’”

Elizabeth said she went in the house, called 911 and got her three young children out.

“While I was getting everyone out he took our hose and started spraying the fire down,” Elizabeth said. “He stayed there the whole time until the fire department came. After the fire department got it under control he said he had to take off.”

Elizabeth said the family was sitting down eating when the fire started, and they had no idea that the house was ablaze.

“Within a matter of minutes it went from a small flame to taking off down the side of the house,” Elizabeth said.

She said the house didn’t have much internal damage, and firemen believe the fire started from a stray spark off their corn stove that took off with Tuesday’s heavy winds.

“We are very thankful that he was nearby,” Elizabeth said. “Jeremiah was a huge help and the fire departments were great too. We’re grateful.”


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