KESSIE: Man gets 12 years for May gun incident

COLUMBIA CITY — A South Whitley man, 37-year-old Phillip Kessie, was sentenced to 12 years with six years to serve and six years suspended in Whitley County Circuit Court Tuesday for a gun incident that occurred in May.According to a South Whitley Police report, Kessie was arrested May 6 after police were notified that he had been calling his wife at her sister-in-law’s residence, threatening to kill himself.According to the report, County Sheriff Deputy Scott Geist went to Kessie’s residence to see if he was still there, and he later notified Officer Rick Carroll that shots had been fired in Kessie’s house.According to the report, Geist requested responding units to approach from the north, and while he and Carroll were preparing to act, Kessie entered his vehicle and tried to leave the scene as he drove to the rear of the property.Kessie then reportedly exited the vehicle toward the rear of the property and began to run north on foot.According to the report, Kessie was placed in double locking wrist restraints, after he appeared from behind a pile of rubble with his hands up, and was asked about the location of the gun, which he said was in the bathroom.Kessie was charged with seven counts and pleaded guilty Sept. 10 to possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon, a Class B felony, possession of paraphernalia, a Class A misdemeanor and operating while intoxicated, a Class A misdemeanor.