Kiddie pool problem pondered

COLUMBIA CITY — More repairs to Columbia City’s half-century-old public swimming pool are being discussed.City Parks Director Mark Green reported to the Columbia City Common Council Tuesday that the kiddie pool section of the Burnworth Memorial Pool is in need of renovation.“We’ve had problems with leaking, we’ve had problems with stability,” said Green.“It’s repairable, but it’s not in good shape.”Green told the council that estimates for the kiddie pool repairs are at about $27,000.“The park board will have a decision to make now that they know how much it’s going to cost,” said Green.Mayor Jim Fleck commented on the pool situation, which continues to be at issue with the facility marking its 50th year in 2010.“That issue with the pool is one that’s very complicated,” said Fleck.“Park board members are being very diligent, very methodical in respect to that.”Green also told the board he gets asked frequently by residents about whether the pool will be available for use during the coming summer.“Yes, we are opening the pool this summer,” he said.According to the pool’s documented history, the last major renovations to the kiddie pool were in 1982, when cracks were repaired and drainage improved.The pool opened in Columbia City in 1960 at an original cost of about $76,000.Repairs and renovations costing more than $21,000 were made in 1979 when the pool neared its 20th year in existence.In 1990, a feasibility study was made for the pool’s first “major” renovation, which included repairing the liner, filtering system, gutters and pool walls at a cost of about $440,000.Green told the city council this week the liner of the main pool is again in need of replacement.The original pool capacity when it was completed in 1960 was 162,075 gallons with a surface area of 4,455 square feet.The pool is named for Job C. Burnworth, who died Dec. 8, 1957 and willed more than $41,000 to the pool project.