LEAVES: City leaf pickup begins Oct. 22

COLUMBIA CITY — As the leaves change color and begin to fall around the city, local citizens will have rakes and leaf blowers in hand getting ready to dispose of them through the street department’s leaf pickup program.“I’ve had several questions on when the date is for that,” said Street Superintendent Kelly Cearbaugh. “It will begin Oct. 22, and that’s when we’ll probably make our first pass. ”Cearbaugh said the leaf pickup is about a six-week program.According to a press release, crews will follow the same routes as last year with its two leaf vacuums, as the city is divided into half down Main Street.Leaf pickup will be at the street side only, with one pass per week, and Cearbaugh asks city residents to have their leaves ready at the curb, and not on the street, as this may cause problems for the sewers.According to the press release, no limbs are allowed to be placed in the leaf pickup piles.“The limb pickup goes until Oct. 1,” said Cearbaugh.