Limb pick up will soon begin for Col. City residents

COLUMBIA CITY — Columbia City will soon provide limb pick-up service to its residents. By following the guidelines below, officials can make sure the program is efficient and benefits all residents.Program guidelines:Limbs are to be placed along the curb in front of the property, not in the roadway or on the sidewalk. The limb pick up is limited to city residents and properties only. Limbs should be placed at the curb by 7 a.m. on the first day of the pick-up weeks.The city does reserve the right to refuse pick up if the pile does not fit within the guidelines. The program will accept limbs and branches up to four inches in diameter, as well as bushes without the roots. The program will not accept whole trees and logs cut by contractors or the homeowner, branches left from a contractor, bushes with roots attached, or brush from fence row clearing. Also, the program will not accept piles that exceed a pickup truck size load. For more information, call 248-5135 or 248-5115 x 2721.Program Dates: •Week of April 7•Week of May 5•Week of June 2•Week of July 7•Week of Aug. 4•Week of Sept. 8•Week of Oct. 6.