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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE: A child’s perspective on Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2013

People of all ages, including Jade North (girl), 5, and Eathan Krider, 3, celebrate Valentine’s Day today. Post & Mail photos / Nicole Ott

COLUMBIA CITY — Today is the day for chocolates, hearts, flowers and romance — Valentine’s Day.

Students from Coesse Elementary School had plenty of ideas on how to convey love to someone on Valentine’s Day.

Brooklyn Fraunfelder, a first grader at CES suggested giving a variety of gifts.

“You could give them a box of chocolates and a stuffed bear,” Fraunfelder said, “You could buy them cupcakes, give them a heart pillow or a thing of heart suckers.”

Noble, a second grader at CES agrees with the gift-giving idea.

“I show someone they are my Valentine by giving them my best Valentine treat, some candy,” he said. “I’ll also give away some LEGOS. I might buy some Wii games and give them away too.”

Some students saw Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to show love to their parents.

“Mom, you are my Valentine,” said Kale, first grade.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom and Dad. You are a very nice mom and dad for me and sister, Heidi. You are the best mom and dad in the world to me. Happy Valentine’s Day,” first grader Katie Bolinger said.

Monroe Hyde, a second grader, wanted to wish a certain teacher a Happy Valentine’s Day.

“My Valentine is Mrs. Sheckler because she is sweet and kind,” Hyde said. “She is my favorite teacher. I would also bring flowers.”

Although Valentine’s Day is wrapped up in gifts exchanged between lovers, one student saw today as a chance to spread love to more than just one special someone.

Easton Grisgsby, a third grader at CES, said his Valentine’s Day ideas are to “always care for people all around the world, care for each other and give cards to show your love for peace on this planet.”

Letting someone in on the secret that they are special brought up some unique ideas for elementary students.

“The one thing you can do is show them you are their friend,” said Ivan Smith, a fourth grader. “Then you get them something they like to eat.”

“I would show somebody they are my Valentine by giving them a gift,” Alex, a second grader, said. “The gift would be a ring, and it would be a mood ring.”

Zachary, a first grader, suggested a direct approach when trying to tell a Valentine how special they are.

“You make them sit in the seat next to you,” he said.

But Ian Clifford, a third grader, had a well thought out plan he offered to those who might be looking to make Valentine’s Day special.

“If I had a Valentine, which I do, what I would do to show them is I would draw a picture, give them a big, huge hug (maybe), some xoxoxoxo (again, maybe),” he said. “If you are reading this, try it. You will get a kiss.”

How do you show someone they are your Valentine?

“You would get somebody to know they’re your Valentine because you would send them a card, and you would be nice to them,” Sarah Terrell, 3rd grade.

“I give them a box of chocolate,” Zaine Comparet, 4th grade.

“You give them a card and chocolate, and they can give something back to you,” Jerryn Pettigrew, 2nd grade.

“You get them something or give them a card,” Olivia Potts, 2nd grade.
“You give them a Valentine card and you can be nice to them,” Jenna Hesting, 2nd grade.

“I would give them a hug,” Dylan Rottman, 2nd grade.

“You should give them chocolate or write them a note,” Macy White, 2nd grade.

“You give someone a Valentine card that might say this – ‘I love you,’” Natalie Todd, 2nd grade.

“You show them you love them like hugging, giving cards and many things,” Randy Diaz, 4th grade.

“You give them some chocolates and hug them,” Michael Nodine, 4th grade.

“You show someone they are your Valentine by being nice to them,” Gavyn Overdeer, 4th grade.

“I like to give them candy and give them a card,” Abigail Rans, 4th grade.

“I would be nice and give them hugs,” Kirsten Butler, 4th grade.

“I would give them a hug and be nice,” Landin Markins, 4th grade.

“I would give them some chocolate,” Kason Coyle, 4th grade.

“I would give them a hug, my friendship and attention,” Stephen Nunnery, 4th grade.

“You can give them a hug or a little gift,” Nicole Waybright, 4th grade.

“You give them a hug or some chocolates,” Caroline Shelton, 4th grade.

“Give some chocolate to whoever is your Valentine,” Luke Evilsizer, 4th grade.

“Tell them you are special,” Josk Sparks, 4th grade.

“You give them a hug, a Valentine card or some chocolate,” Nathaniel Ness, 4th grade.

“I show someone they are my Valentine by cheering them up,” Joelle Cline, 4th grade.

“You show them that you care and love them,” Mykayla Harpel, 4th grade.

“You have to kneel on your knee and say, ‘Will you be my Valentine?’,” Kenneth Hinen, 3rd grade.

“I would write them a note saying, ‘Be my Valentine,’ and write, ‘from your secret admirer,” Jillian Whaley, 3rd grade.

“I would give people Valentine’s cards that said, ‘Happy Valentine’s,’” Lyle Baron, 3rd grade.

“I would treat them kindly and give them a card that says, ‘XOXO,’” Maddie Miner, 3rd grade.

“You can pin a heart on your sleeve that says, ‘Your Valentine,’” Joel Yager, 1st grade.

“I’ll give you a goodie bag that means you’re my Valentine,” Grace, 1st grade.

“I would tell them that, ‘You are my honey, I love you with all my heart and I will always love you so much,’” Rylee, 1st grade.

“I would tell them, ‘You are a nice friend. You are the best and you are cool. You can be my friend so you can be my Valentine,’” Sierra, 1st grade.

“I tell them that they are my sweetheart and I love them,” Ashley, 1st grade.

“To show someone they are your Valentine you give them a treat,” Claytin Markins, 2nd grade.

“You have to give them kisses , to show them you love them,” Riley, 2nd grade.

“I give them flowers, compliments and hugs. I would be nice,” Peighton Benden, 2nd grade.

“You can make a card,” Dylan, 2nd grade.

“I give them hugs and I will give them a gift,” Megan, 2nd grade.

“I give chocolate, hugs, kisses and I say, ‘I really love you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day.’” Blair, 2nd grade.

“I would tell them, ‘You are my special Valentine today. Let’s go outside and play. Let’s be friends,’” Adelynn, 2nd grade.

“If you like someone you give them a card on Valentine’s Day and see if they like you,” Sarah Hursey, 2nd grade.

“You show someone they are your Valentine by giving them candy or a card. You could give them a hug or maybe even a kiss to show you love them,” Jillian, 2nd grade.

“What I would do for my Valentine’s is hand out chocolate and flowers,” Erica Johnson, 2nd grade.

“You can make a card for them, give them a treat, say you love them and give them a hug,” Sarah Landers, 2nd grade.

“When my mom and dad give me hugs and kisses, I give them back and that is love,” Zachary Leckrone, 2nd grade.

“To show someone they’re your Valentine, you should give them chocolate. On the inside of a piece of candy, you should have a piece of paper that says, ‘Be my Valentine,’” Easton, 2nd grade.

“You show them respect,” Collin, 1st grade.

“You give them 10 goodie bags and you say, ‘You are my best friend,’” Ayla Anthony, 1st grader.

“I say ‘Thank you for being my friend. I love you as a friend.’ I would give them a big hug,” Elaina Halferty, 4th grade.

“You are my Valentine because you help me. You are nice and you never are mean,” Codee Deisler, 2nd grade.

“First you go to see a person Then you see if you like them,” Lila Chopson, 2nd grade.

“I can do something nice. I can hold someone’s hand and pull them up,” Alex Huston, 2nd grade.

“Give them a kiss, a Valentine, a hug and then get married,” Morgan Lyon, 2nd grade.

“You get them chocolate, flowers and a Valentine’s Day card that is really pretty,” Kadie Smolek, 2nd grade.

“For my Valentine I would get them flowers and candy. I would also ask them to be my Valentine and I would treat them nicely. I would draw them a picture of a heart,” Cassidy Willson, 3rd grade.

“Valentine’s Day means getting some gifts and getting letters or cards. If people are away from their loved ones, they send flowers, cards, letters and candy,” Courtney Tobin, 3rd grade.

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