NEPOTISM: Col. City to adopt rules

COLUMBIA CITY — According to a new state law, all developmental entities must adopt rules against nepotism by July 1 of this year.“The legislature has passed a new state statute dealing with nepotism which involves employees and contracts,” said City Attorney Marcia McNagny at the Common Council of Columbia City’s meeting last week. “July 1 is our time to get this done so I wanted to make sure the resolution was in your hands.”McNagny explained to the council that nepotism is the favoring of relatives in the workplace, and the hiring of family members without full consideration to their qualifications or other interested applicants, will be officially prohibited by law.Mayor Ryan Daniel asked McNagny how many times a contract would have to be filled out if someone such as a caterer was a relative who regularly did business.“Would I need to fill out that form every time we contracted with the caterer for food business?” asked Daniel.McNagny said that would only be a once a year contract he would need to fill out.Due to the fast approaching deadline, McNagny said it is imperative for the council to fill out the required papers, and pass the resolution soon.“I would like to see those passed and the resolution approved on a first and final reading at your next meeting so we are in compliance by July 1,” said McNagny.McNagny told the council to direct all further questions to her via email.