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ONE BORING BUG: ‘Busco saves 13 trees from hungry ash borers

September 8, 2012

Post & Mail photo / Brianne Eichman: An ash tree cut down in Churubusco shows evidence of damage from Emerald Ash Borers.

CHURUBUSCO — It wasn’t a trip to the local immunization clinic, but it was close.
The town of Churubusco, like other Indiana municipalities, had some sick trees. After giving some of them a shot, the town announced most have made a startling recovery.
In 2005, the Emerald Ash Borer, an inch-long green beetle native to Asia, became a growing problem in Churubusco and other regions, spreading through the state as it killed ash trees. Recently, the Churubusco town council approved monies to save some of the most vital trees in the park.
“The Emerald Ash Borer came in from Asia from ash pallets,” said Churubusco’s Park Superintendent Rick Krider. “These ash borers have been known enemies here in the United States since 2002 or 2003.”
According to Krider, the ash borer larva lives inside the bark of the ash tree, eating the nutrient area from inside the tree and feeding on the trunk.
“We contracted to have 14 trees saved and 13 made it,” said Krider. “The trees were mainly around the splash pad, concession stands, the skate park, playground and tennis courts. We’re quite happy with that.”
Krider said a Fort Wayne-based company sells a trunk-injected solution, which the town purchased for approximately $2,500 and injected into the 14 trees.
“I was very surprised and you can tell the trees were probably affected, but you have to look real close,” said Krider.
According to Krider, the ash borer travels about half a mile every year, laying several eggs.
“The ash tree tries to save itself, but after it dies it needs to be cut down,” said Krider.
Forty-eight to fifty trees have already been cut down in the area, lending itself a big problem.
“We do replant some of our trees,” said Krider. “We also let people use the tree for fire wood.”

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