POLICE REPORT: No gun seized at CCHS

COLUMBIA CITY — Looks may have been deceiving for students leaving Columbia City High School Tuesday afternoon. Police were called to North Whitley Street for a domestic dispute between a man, Cody Miller, of Columbia City, and his girlfriend who was dismissed from school at 3:20 p.m.While the scene wasn’t an uncommon setting for police, many students believed they witnessed a handgun being apprehended from the man — but Columbia City Police Chief Tim Longenbaugh said the threat wasn’t what it seemed.“After a pat-down the officer found a BB gun,” Longenbaugh said. “We have no reason to believe there was a threat to the safety of the students leaving the school.”Longenbaugh said Miller was not on school property, but on Whitley Street — near the school grounds. Though the BB gun wasn’t a threat, police also found stolen property in Miller’s possession.This discovery assisted detectives with an ongoing burglary case.Police have been investigating burglaries at Saint Paul of the Cross Church in downtown Columbia City.Though the investigation is ongoing and not all details were available at press time, Longenbaugh said there was an apparent forced entry into the church and items stolen from the office.