PROFITABLE: 2012 4-H fair a success

COLUMBIA CITY — As the 4-H Whitley County Fair wrapped up Thursday, 4-H Fair President Cathy Heritier estimated this year brought in more profit than last year. “The final attendance numbers are not in yet, but regardless of whether our attendance was up, our profitability was up,” said Heritier.“We ended up finishing really well.”Topping the list this year for the most popular desert was ice cream, with more than 12,000 gallons sold. “We also sold around 2,500 hotdogs, and we had to re-order pop and Gatorade,” said Heritier. Pork loins and water were also in high demand as the sun beat down on busy fairgoers. “This year it was cool enough that people ate more food,” said Heritier. It was just so hot at last year’s fair that nobody ate as much food.”Despite hot temperatures and a day of rain, the rodeo and demolition derby were still well attended, as crowds packed the stands to cheer on participants.“We do our best to make sure people are hydrated,” said Heritier.“We also had an Emergency Action Plan in place for storms which included us having radios down there and a new speaker system.”Most animals left the fair before Wednesday, one of the hottest days at the fair all week.“There was a chunk that left Tuesday night and Wednesday morning,” said Heritier.“The rest left through Thursday night.”All in all, Heritier said she believed the fair ran very smooth in respect to the fair board’s goals and the commitment to fair participants.“We had a really good fair this year. I think the board worked hard together on this. We are all here for the kids,” said Heritier.