PUZZLERS TAKE NOTE: New Post & Mail puzzle debuts Wednesday

COLUMBIA CITY – The Post & Mail debuts a new daily puzzle today on its Classified Advertising pages. “Point & Solve,” created by renowned puzzlemaker Frank Longo, will anchor The Post & Mail’s Classified pages and will routinely be situated in the top left quadrant of the lead Classified page. “Point & Solve” puzzles are a crossword variety in which the clues appear right inside the squares of the puzzle diagram itself. An arrow points from each clue square in the direction that the answer is to be entered. With no separate list of clues, and no clue numbers to keep track of, solvers can stay focused in one place as they enjoy the wide range of fun clues and answers. “Point & Solve” puzzles are a hit with solvers of all ages and interests. Popular internationally for years, they satisfy the way crossword puzzles do, with increased difficulty throughout the week, starting with the breeziest on Monday, and progressing to a challenging Weekend Edition “Point & Solve.” Puzzlemaker Frank Longo, the creator of “Point & Solve,” lives in Hoboken, N.J. and creates premier crossword puzzles and the very popular Cryptoquip for King Features Syndicate. His list of puzzle books, ranging from crosswords, Scrabble crosswords, sudoku and “Wordoku,” is impressive. Longo is the official fact-checker for The New York Times Crossword.You can pick up The Post & Mail at convenience stores, retail outlets and news boxes throughout Whitley County. Better yet, subscribe for convenient home delivery for as little as 37 cents per day. Call Sally at The Post & Mail, 260 244-5153 for your introductory subscription special.