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Semi, squad car collide in town

January 20, 2011

COLUMBIA CITY — A Columbia City police officer was involved in a collision this morning with a semi-tractor trailer, according to Indiana State Police.
ISP Trooper Brian Bills said the collision occurred at the intersection of state Route 9 and Chicago Street and apparently was the result of confusion over traffic signals.
The police car, driven by Master Patrolman Robert V. “Chip” Stephenson received about $5,000 damage, according to Bills, when it was hit by a semi driven by Jim Pettigrew of Columbia City.
Bills said the semi took off parts of the patrol car’s front end.
There were no injuries in the accident.
Bills said Pettigrew was westbound on Chicago Street and stopped at the red light at state Route 9.
The patrol car driven by Stephenson was northbound on 9 and also stopped at the light.
The traffic light at the intersection was blinking red in all directions for a train that had just went through, said Bills.
After the train passed, the light for Stephenson turned green and Pettigrew’s light turned solid red.
A vehicle in front of Stephenson went through the green light and the police officer was following that vehicle.
Bills said Stephenson noticed the semi driven by Pettigrew was attempting to turn left and go south on 9, so the officer stopped in an attempt to avoid a collision.
Pettigrew continued even after Stephenson blew his horn, according to the police report.
Bills said Stephenson could not back up because of traffic behind him.
Bills said no citations were issued.



June 27, 2011 by HollyM (not verified), 4 years 5 weeks ago
Comment: 3217

Running a red light is a dangerous thing to do, and since red light cameras make it easy to make sure people are penalized appropriately, the devices seem a great expense. There are a number of people in residents with the cameras, along with some city governments, that are trying to rid themselves of the cameras for a variety of factors. I read this here: Red light cameras facing backlash from cities

"Confusion over traffic

January 21, 2011 by Observer (not verified), 4 years 28 weeks ago
Comment: 3141

"Confusion over traffic signals"
How about, "semi ran red light?" Seems clear enough.

Confusion over traffic

January 23, 2011 by hardcorps75_98 (not verified), 4 years 27 weeks ago
Comment: 3143

I'm curious why "no citations were issued"? The semi ran a red light and caused an accident. The names of the local people involved makes it obvious, but for the sake of argument: If it was anyone else (an out-of-towner driving the semi for example) the outcome would have been much different.


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