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Seniors ‘Come on down’ for The Price is Right

October 29, 2010

Post & Mail photo/Becky Hand — Phyllis Shaffer reacts to being called as a contestant on the “The Price is Right” game at the Woodlands Senior Center. Shaffer, as many contestants do on the TV version of the game, rushed up to hug “Bobby” Barker (Kristy Maloney of Sycamore Village). Shaffer reached the Showcase Showdown round, but overbid on the prize package, as did her opponent, Marge Mowery.

Seventy people waited to hear their names called with the familiar phrase, “Come on down!” Thursday at the Woodlands Senior Center in Columbia City, but only six lucky contestants made it on stage for “The Price is Right.”

“Bobby” Barker, aka Kristy Maloney from Sycamore Village, hosted the pared down version of the popular game show, with the lovely Ann Louise Baas, a senior center volunteer, as her assistant. Calling the contestants to the stage was Tim Leonard, another volunteer.

After a brief introduction by Maloney and several apologies that a car would not be one of the prizes, the first contestant was called — Becky Snodgrass — and the game was on.

Snodgrass won with the Bullseye game, followed by Marge Mowery in the Grand Game, where she had to choose the four items priced under $4.
Mowery failed to select the apple corer, though a loud voice in the audience was suggesting it strongly, and it turned out to be her downfall. For her consolation prize, she was able to select three of the grocery items and the apple corer went home with her.

The third contestant was Julia Gilbert, who was really in the spirit of the game, giving Maloney a big hug as she “came on down!”

The Lucky Seven game was not lucky for Gilbert, though.

Round 1 ended with the return of Snodgrass, Mowrey and Gilbert for the showcase showdown spinoff using numbered Bingo balls instead of the wheel. Mowrey was the victor and would compete in the showcase.

Round 2 began with promise as Lois Baker won big with the yodeling mountain climber in the cliffhanger game. Phyllis Shaffer won four chances to pick a big prize in the “Punchout” game, but ended with $1. Maloney gave her $10 anyway for being a good sport.

Nanette Campbell pulled out a third strike in the “3 Strikes” game, just as she was about to win the car, er, poster of a car, and round 2 concluded with another bingo ball draw by the three contestants.

Shaffer won the chance at the showcase showdown for this round.
Mowrey and Shaffer took their places as Maloney explained the rules for the showcase round. They would be bidding on actual prices of the items, though the items were not the actual prizes.

Maloney said she had talked to Trier’s and Thomson’s about a car, but to no avail.

A motorcycle and a golf cart were the first showcase items up for bid and Shaffer, who won the toss, opted to pass it to Mowrey who bid $22,000.

Shaffer’s showcase included a Ford Taurus and a trip to Las Vegas. She bid $46,000.

Unfortunately, both had overbid and though they didn’t win the big prizes, everyone was a winner, taking home many prizes donated by local businesses.

“We have a wonderful community who donated (the prizes),” Maloney said. “And remember to have your pets spayed and neutered.”

Mowrey was heard to say as she left the stage, “That’s why I didn’t win, my cat needs neutered.”

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