Shining Stars

Mary Raber Elementary School recently celebrate its November Shining Stars.  The following students were recognized this month for using their life skills, treating people right and doing the right thing: Kindergarteners — Ethan Huerta, Lillen Johnson, Tatianna Saavedra, Meya Gonzalez, Wesley Fowler and Haylee Harpel. First graders — Aleighya Loe, Brandelyn Maggard, Isabelle Landis, Iziah Rinehold, Kassidy Welch and Mikayla Cochran. Second graders — Brodie Baughman, Xander Ogden, Sam Bechtold and Kelan Ferguson. Third graders — Kane Hankins, Kendall Clapp, Makenna Williams, Alex Ressler and Anne Rice. Fourth graders — Lily Lane, Alexis Pettigrew, Avery Stellhorn, Jack Maggart and Jacob Hildebrand. Fifth graders — Elizabeth Miller, Kayleigh Cummings, Nicholas Kiefer and Chyann Patten. Students were treated to a pizza luncheon and an ice cream cake.