SPRING FLING: Event raises money for Task Force

COLUMBIA CITY — Thirty-seven different vendors, using 52 tables, sat in rows as the community wandered through the 4-H Center Building Sunday afternoon.The fundraising event, Spring Fling, was held from noon to 4 p.m., to raise money for the Whitley County Domestic Violence Task Force.Natalie Lewis, a member of the task force, said the organization was revived in 2009, and that its has regular meetings each month at Parkview Whitley Hospital which includes attorneys, the sheriff’s department, the YMCA, the Lighthouse and the task force’s board.“Spring Fling is kind of a new thing that we are doing now,” said Lewis. “It’s donations only, and we do get some grants from the Whitley Community Foundation,” Lewis said Sunday.Before the first hour of Spring Fling ended, the event raised $700, and there were still three hours to go.The money raised from rented tables and donated tickets will be used in August for programs like Girls Embracing Maximum Safety (G.E.M.S.).“This includes different workshops on internet safety, health and also for self defense for young girls in high school,” said Lewis. They will also have a program for the boys this year called Man Up. “We want to teach boys how to have healthy relationships,” said Lewis.The Task Force just finished doing an educational event, held March 15, for the social workers, firemen, EMS, nurses and the Humane Society.