SUMMER PLANS: Whitko tells big evaluation / assessment

PIERCETON — According to Whitko Community School Corporation’s Superintendent Steve Clason, summer evaluation plans are in the works.The evaluations will focus on non-tested subjects including art, music, physical education and areas of social studies classes.“We (WCSC) have determined that we are going to work together in consortium with Bremen, Tippecanoe Valley, Rochester and Wawasee schools to develop these plans,” Clason said. “We (WCSC) are also going to work with a corporation called Administrative Assistance to help facilitate the first round of that. Each round will involve a subject area meeting for five days spread out to develop an end of course assessment which can be pre-assessed.”Clason said a pre-assessment in the end will allow WCSC to receive achievement data the same way as an end of course assessment. “It would be like the Algebra I assessment with the state as well as the growth data that we (WCSC) would get,” Clason said. The process will begin with science teachers next Monday.“They will be out two days yet this school year,” Clason said. “We (WCSC) are going to try and get as much of the work done in the summer and we probably will not complete the work until the end of the first semester next year simply because of the number of courses and number of teachers.”Encouraged by the state, the summer evaluation plans program will be federally funded by Title II.A complete report on this important meeting was published in the April 18 print and e-editions of The Post & Mail.