COLUMBIA CITY — Authorities say anyone in possession of synthetic drugs outlawed when Gov. Mitch Daniels signed a new law into effect last week can dispose of them in at any Indiana State Police post through Sunday.While Whitley County has had a ban on synthetic drugs since last year, Gov. Mitch Daniels recently signed a new law outlawing the drugs from the state of Indiana.In lieu of the ban, the Indiana State Police is allowing people to dispose of synthetic drugs at any police post through Sunday.Sheriff Mark Hodges said Whitley County residents can also leave drugs in the 24/7 drop box at the jail.State police Capt. David Bursten says it is not an amnesty period and retailers should already have the products removed from shelves and safely secured until they can be properly disposed. He says the goal is to make sure the drugs aren’t discarded in places where children could find them.Bursten says no one has to worry about being arrested when bringing the drugs to the nearest state police post for proper disposal.He also warns that undercover officers will be going to retail stores to make sure the products are no longer being sold.