Timewarp Tuesday

Pictured from Dec. 7, 1935, is the Whitley County Farm Bureau Chorus. The organization of 41 voices was directed by Mrs. B.V. Widney. Front row, from left: Mrs. Earl Hoover, Mrs. Jacob Dial, Mrs. Clyde Sievers, Mrs. Vern Yagel, Miss Madge Harrold, Mrs. Asa White, Miss Hazel Yagel and Mrs. Widney.Second row: Miss Natalie Hoover, Miss Geraldine Egolf, Miss Treva Traster, Miss Gladys Kyler, Mrs. Fred Dunfee, Mrs. Phil Maux, Miss Marjorie Barney, Miss Evelyn Gipe.Third row: Miss Eleanore Good, Miss Virginia Deutsch, Miss Edith Monahan, Mrs. Earl Bayman, Mrs. Roscoe Robbins, Miss Bernice Bayman, Mrs. Raymond Messner, Miss Hildreth Egolf, Mrs. Chester Wright, Mrs. Loren Hodson.Fourth row: Kenneth Geiger, Max Wright, Earl Hoover, Calvin Shoemaker, Carl Miller, Perry Geiger, Chester Conner.Fifth row: Allen Crawford, Forest Barney, M.A. Howenstine, Wayne McKinney, Virgil Deutsch, Mark Mowrey, Lewis Bayman, Earl Bayman, Kenneth White.Also a member, but absent that day, was Thomas Rosentrader. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Want to share a historical photo with The Post & Mail readers? You can submit a photograph via email at community@thepostandmail.com or bring your photo to The Post & Mail’s office, located at 927 W. Connexion Way in Columbia City, during normal business hours. Be sure to include the date the photograph was taken as well as the first and last names of those photographed and any other information you can share. Also include your name and a daytime phone number.For more information, contact The Post & Mail at 244-5153 x 209 or email community@thepostandmail.com.