TROY CENTER: Tuition hike explained

COLUMBIA CITY — Due to a recent tuition increase at TROY Center, Dr. Patricia O’Connor invited TROY Center director, Nicole Trier, to the Whitley County Consolidated School board meeting Monday to shed light on the reasons for the increase.Before Trier spoke, Superintendent Dr. Patricia O’Connor said, “Whitley County Community Schools has established a strong, positive working partnership with TROY Center for many years. The TROY Center Alternative program has provided educational instruction and supervision for our at-risk students.”In May, the board was notified of a tuition increase which was discussed at the last work session.“The financial realities of the TROY Center are basically the realities that we are all facing,” said O’Connor. “We feel that it is very important for us to work together to meet the needs of all students in Whitley County, and we must look at all the resources to find answers as we struggle through these finances.”Trier said, “We all want to see the TROY Center grow and thrive, and we want to see that happen as a partnership with the school system.”Over the past year, Trier said it has become a reality to TROY that they were not going to be able to keep the doors open any longer at the price they were able to offer the service for in the past.“My hope is that you consider TROY Center very seriously before making any decisions,” said Trier.