WCCS: Vision subject of Friday mtg.

COLUMBIA CITY — The WCCS board and administrators met at the Eagles Nest Event Center Friday for a brainstorming work session to discuss the corporation’s vision and mission statements.“We basically want to talk about our core values,” said O’Connor. “What do we value, and what do we really feel is important in our district?”After the question was posed, school board members and administrators, in groups, were given several minutes to list their opinions as the answers included things such as student opportunities, literacy, professionalism, honor, respect, safety, team effort, dedicated staff, partnerships and the budget.O’Connor then asked the groups to consider what they believed is the district’s mission, and after several minutes of discussion, the groups included short word answers such as educate, motivate, inspire, empower, student centered, focused, dynamic, intentional, responsive and innovative.Last but not least, O’Connor asked the groups to develop words describing the district’s mission.Answers included phrases such as, “investing in tomorrow by inspiring today,” “offering exciting opportunities,” “being admired for innovation” and “being a pillar of educational excellence.”Later that evening, school board members began working on common themes surrounding the groups’ ideas as they continue to determine how to best express the values, mission and vision of WCCS.