Weaver pleads guilty to meth-making

COLUMBIA CITY — The man arrested for operating a rolling methamphetamine lab in Whitley County last November has pleaded guilty in Whitley County Circuit Court.Wayne Lynn Weaver, 40, was arrested Nov. 16 after a traffic stop by a sheriff’s deputy on County Road 275 West near state Route 205.Police said Weaver had already had an outstanding warrant and was immediately taken into custody, suspected of operating a meth lab.He was initially charged with dealing in and manufacturing methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana, paraphernalia and controlled substances as well as failure to comply.Weaver was also accused of possession of two or more precursors with the intent to manufacture methamphetamine.In court this morning, Weaver pleaded guilty to manufacturing the drug. The prosecution dropped the other charges in exchange for a guilty plea.Weaver is slated for sentencing Feb. 22.According to Circuit Court Judge James Heuer, the charge comes with a minimum sentence of six years, a maximum of 20 years and an advisory sentence of 10 years in jail.In court Jan. 10, Weaver’s court-appointed attorney Brad Voelz announced Weaver was seeking the services of another attorney, Warsaw’s Bryon Berry.Weaver showed up Jan. 18 for another pre-trial conference, but without representation.Heuer asked Weaver where his attorney was and Weaver said he didn’t know, saying he’d had a conversation with the lawyer.Heuer delayed the conference again, saying Berry was scheduled to appear in Circuit Court for another case Feb 14.According to the Whitley County Prosecutor’s Office, Weaver was unsuccessful in retaining Berry, so Voelz remained as Weaver’s counsel.