Whitko chefs win 2 of 3 awards at benefit cook-off

Emcee R.D. Schrader, board president of The Center for Whitley County Youth, insisted that all team members competing at the Benefit Cook-off Thursday evening were amateurs.But could amateurs prepare such delicacies as Coffee- and Coco-dusted Duck Breast or Crostina with Chocolate and Sea Salt? Whitko Culinary Arts students under the direction of Theresa Daggett can and did, winning two of the three awards given out by Todd Blanton, program director and Jeff Wike, executive director at The Center.They took home “Best Item” with the duck, and “Most Creative Meal,” adding Mint Chocolate Mousse in a Chocolate Cup for dessert. One award they didn’t take was the “Best Overall Meal,” snatched from their grasp like a buttered spatula by the Churubusco team, led by Shanna Fleetwood.To read the rest of this story, please order an e-subscription, found under the e-edition subscription link, or call The Post & Mail at 244-5153, ext. 207 and ask for a subscription.