WHO WILL BE A DIFFERENCE MAKER?: Post & Mail spotlight to feature school staff each Monday

In Whitley County, there are numerous residents that give back, do good or humbly serve in the community. Whether it is impacting just one person or causing a ripple effect of feel-good emotions across the county, these residents deserve some applause. The Post & Mail is starting a new series entitled, “Difference Maker,” and will feature Whitley County residents that are making a difference in the lives of those around them.To start off the series, we chose to focus on those that work in the schools. Principals at each school building in the county were asked to select someone from their staff they felt were difference makers on their campus.Some chose teachers and others selected bus drivers, cafeteria workers, teachers’ aids and so forth. The principals were excited to highlight their selected staff member. A couple of administrators chose to solicit comments from parents and other teachers to applaud their difference maker’s efforts.What makes this series so special is that the actual person named doesn’t know they have been selected for this recognition.It will be unveiled, to their surprise, each Monday in The Post & Mail. After the announcement is made, a special presentation of the Difference Maker designation will be given in honor of the selected individual.“Thank you so much for doing this,” said Northern Heights Elementary School Principal Jacob Hoag. “All of our staff work tirelessly to see that our students are well educated and taken care of. It’s nice to have a public forum to recognize them.”So who will be a Difference Maker? Be sure to see the first feature published in Monday’s edition. We have plans to continue the Difference Maker series beyond the School Edition. The next group of local faces featured for their do-good efforts might include yours! –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––Christie Workman is an editor and community editor at The Post & Mail. Posted Notes is a weekly column, typically published on Tuesdays, by the editors at The Post & Mail.