4-H FAIR: Annual event approaches

COLUMBIA CITY — The beginning of the 88th annual Whitley County Fair, packed with fun, food and competition, is only a few days away. The fair begins Friday and runs through July 19 at the Whitley County 4-H Fairgrounds in Columbia City.“It’s a perfect way for us to cultivate and teach our kids life lessons,” said Whitley County 4-H Clubs Inc. President Cathy Heritier.Without the support of the local community, Heritier said the fair would not be available to the public for free.“Every dime that is spent there is spent specifically to maintain and run that fairground,” said Heritier. “We will have events every night, and one of our biggest events will be the Rodeo to be held Saturday at 8 p.m.” Tickets for the Rodeo will are $15. Volunteers are still needed at the fair. For more information, call Cari Juillerat at 609-7491 or Kyle Francis at 229-2874.