ADMITTED GUILT: Ducharme enters plea in money case

A former Columbia City man admitted in federal court to knowing a crime was being committed and not notifying authorities.Duane Ducharme, 70, was initially jailed April 13 in Collins County, Texas on charges of money laundering, a first degree felony.The case against Ducharme was closed in Collins County, but news reports claim Ducharme pleaded guilty recently to misprision of a felony, or choosing to ignore personal knowledge of a crime.Reports don’t give the name or the location of the federal court or whether Ducharme has been incarcerated.Collins County records have Ducharme’s current address as Nokomis, Fla. Real estate records also have Ducharme owning property on Hartman Road in Whitley County.Although the money laundering charge was dropped in the Texas court, the charge of misprision of a felony was brought against Ducharme, according to news reports, because he knew money he reportedly possessed was the result of illegal activities. Authorities had alleged in police reports that the suspected unlawful activities involved drug cartels.