APPREHENDED: Suspect flees twice

COLUMBIA CITY — The third time was the charm for Columbia City Police Captain Tony Hively Monday morning.After Rafael Davila of Ohio fled from Hively twice and began a 90 mph police chase through Columbia City, Davila was taken into custody around 4 a.m.In a police report, Hively said he was traveling eastbound on U.S. 30 when he spotted a car in the westbound lane going 72 mph in a 60 mph zone.“I turned my squad car around and caught up to the vehicle at the intersection of Ind. 9 and U.S. 30,” Hively said in the report.After hesitation, the vehicle pulled over long enough for Hively to call in the license plate number, before taking off again, traveling westbound on U.S. 30.Davila turned north on Ind. 109 and stopped again.“I approached the driver’s side of the vehicle and the driver looked back and took off, spinning his tires,” Hively said in the report.The car traveled east on Frontage Road back to Ind. 9. Davila ran through the stop light at U.S. 30 and went as fast as 90 mph as he was approaching downtown Columbia City.He turned westbound on Van Buren Street, blew through all of the street lights downtown and ended at Old Trail Road, where his car spun out into the curb.“I positioned my vehicle next to the driver’s door to prevent Davila from bailing,” Hively said. Hively said the driver threw something out of the car, which was later determined to be the car keys.After police identified Davila, they found out his license and license plates were expired.The Whitley County Sheriff’s Department did a crash investigation and Davila’s car was impounded. According to the report, Davila said he ran from police because he knew he had been drinking and had an expired plate and license.Rafael Davila of Ohio was arrested with OWI, resisting law enforcement and reckless driving charges. His traffic violations include: driving left of center, disregarding a stop sign, disregarding an automatic signal, expired drivers license, expired plates and speeding.