Area school administrator busted for possessing and dealing drugs

FORT WAYNE - A female Fort Wayne Community Schools assistant principal was arrested for dealing and possession of drugs after police found multiple pounds of marijuana, paraphernalia and cocaine in her Millennium Crossing home Monday.A joint investigation between the Fort Wayne Police Department Vice and Narcotics Division and the Illinois State Police led to the arrest of Shadwaynn Curry, 41, also known as Shadwynn "Mikki" White.According to a probable cause affidavit filed in Allen Superior Court Tuesday, Shadwaynn’s husband, Derek, 33, was pulled over by Illinois troopers and arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute in Will County, Ill. Monday. During an interview with police, the husband admitted to having more marijuana in his Fort Wayne home, at 2004 Millennium Crossing and signed over consent for police to search it.After being contacted by Illinois police, Fort Wayne officers arrived at the home on Millennium Crossing and told Shadwaynn about the incident in Illinois with her husband.While speaking with Shadwaynn inside the home, officers immediately smelled marijuana.The probable cause said officers then showed Shadwaynn the consent to search and told her they just wanted to remove the marijuana from her home and to make the search go faster, detectives were waiting outside to assist.During the search, officers found marijuana in several places in the home, including about two pounds in three freezer vacuumed sealed bags in the dining room, just under a half pound in box in the garage and two vacuum sealed freezer bags in kitchen freezer, along with a partially burnt brown cigar with pot wrapped in it in an ashtray. Officers also found a large digital scale in the laundry room, a large bowl-type digital scale in the pantry, nearly $5,000 scattered in various spots in the home and a .45 caliber semi-automatic Glock handgun in a nightstand.In a kitchen cabinet, police found a glass snorting device that contained less than a gram of cocaine and a mirror, a razor blade and several plastic straws, all with cocaine residue on them.