Aurora: City ready if it happened here

COLUMBIA CITY — After the violent shooting that took place in a movie theater in Aurora, Colo. July 20, killing 12 people and injuring 58, local government officials met to discuss procedures in the event of similar scenario in Whitley County.As a precaution, Mayor Ryan Daniel said he met with Fire Chief Thomas LaRue, Police Chief Timothy Longenbaugh and Director of Communications Terry Wherry Monday morning.At the Columbia City Common Council meeting Tuesday, Daniel explained their discussion.“We worked through the type of scenario that happened in Colorado, and what would happen if that happened at Bones Theatre, and how we would handle that situation in regard to obviously the police, fire, from the medical perspective and communications, and how we would handle media issues,” said Daniel.Daniel said the meeting between the department heads and himself was productive, as he expressed confidence in their preparedness.“I think it was a good exercise, and these guys know what they’re doing so I’m very proud of them and the plan that’s in place,” said Daniel.While giving his department report at the meeting Tuesday, Longenbaugh also reported the police department recently had its second training session for response to an active shooter.“We had one earlier this year, and now we had a second one,” said Longenbaugh.