BALANCED BUDGET: S. Whitley Town Council ends meeting on balanced note

SOUTH WHITLEY ­— As Tuesday’s South Whitley Town Council meeting came to a close a sigh of relief was had by many when numbers added up where they once did not.Forms were signed by council members to move necessary funds to balance the 2012 budget just weeks before the year’s end.After weeks of wrestling with appropriations and budget numbers, Clerk-Treasurer Bob Gould, with the help of Retha Hicks from HR Resources, was able to answer the questions asked by council members regarding the budget numbers.The transferring of funds was necessary to make positive some areas where over spending had occurred.The overspending happened after appropriations showed an additional $160,000, which never truly existed, but rather showed up on paper.Once the error was corrected, some funds were left depleted while others were left grossly over spent.This issue became a sensitive matter for members of the town’s park board who were in the middle of petitioning the council for financial support of its park renovation. The line item changes left the park board with little to no funds and many questions as to what to do next.But some good news was passed to the board members present Tuesday when Gould announced that $6,810.26 would be placed in park board’s account.There was a physical release of concern from board members confirming Katey Till’s faith in the council’s promise to work out the funds issue.Till is heading up the park renovation and when the news of the park’s account being short, she was quick to place her support behind the town’s leaders.In an earlier interview Till said, “I have no doubt that they will work it out. I know they support this park project.”The council agreed to hold an executive session Dec. 18 at 6 p.m. to discuss personnel issues.The next town council meeting will be held Thurs. Dec. 27 at 6:30 p.m.