BANNED: City passes ordinance against strip clubs

COLUMBIA CITY — An ordinance approved at Tuesday’s Columbia City Common Council meeting will ban nude or seminude acts for entertainment.The council unanimously approved the first reading of Ordinance 2013-11, which prohibits unclothed acts in commercial establishments within the city limits. Fines for violation will be $250 on first offense, $500 on second and the fine for the third offense will not be less than $750 but not more than $2,500.Columbia City Mayor Ryan Daniel said this ordinance was a matter of the city attempting to get ahead of a problem rather than be behind it.“The city of Angola has had quite a fight on their hands recently as far as strip clubs are concerned,” he said. “They are slightly smaller than us, population-wise.”He continued that the ordinance fits what the city is about.“Instead of fighting this after the fact and having a situation to handle with the press, we thought we would move forward with the ordinance,” Daniel said. “I think it fits the profile of our community. Residents, both young and old, talk about how nice and wholesome the community is, you see family values here.”