Baseball legend, father of disabled man to speak at Passages dinner

     Former Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher and father to a man with Down syndrome, Carl Erskine, will inspire families and community members when he speaks at Passages’ upcoming annual meeting.  
    Among topics such as the summer youth program, the Dreamweaver award and changes to the board set for the agenda, Erskine will tell of his life in baseball and his delight at the change in society’s view of people with disabilities.  His son, Jimmy, was born at a time when children with such a condition were institutionalized.  Erskine and his wife chose to bring him home as part of the family.  Around the time Jimmy turned 12, special education and the Special Olympics were formed.  Erskine was a natural fit to get involved with Special Olympics and attributes his son’s acceptance to the organization’s success.
    Openings to attend the meeting and hear Erskine speak are still available—just call 244-7688 for more information.