BEWARE: CCPD warns of tech scam

Staff Writer

The Columbia City Police Department has received multiple reports from residents of phone scams targeting computer, tablet and smart phone users.
According to reports, victims are informed their computer or other device is seriously infected with viruses.
The scammers trick people into giving them actual remote access to their device.
Once the scammer has access they are known to flash error messages to indicate some form of serious virus.
Scammers inform the victim they can eliminate the virus if provided a credit card number.
Scammers are described as having non-American accents, speak broken English and become hostile and insulting and at times have been reported as making sexual references.
Many calls appear to be placed from (580) 233-6186 (Enid, Okla.) and call several times a day and they may represent themselves as a local reputable company.
Professional tech companies do not seek out customers by calling them.
Below are a few tips to protect yourself in the event you are contacted by an unknown solicitor:
•If there is any doubt of the validity of who you are speaking with, hang up.
•Never provide a credit card number or banking account information to someone you cannot verify.
•Never give remote access to your computer or device unless you have an existing support agreement with them.
If you have been contacted by this group and have been victimized, contact your credit card company or bank immediately to have the charges reversed and the account protected from future charges; change all computer log-in and password to any online accounts; update your security software and run spyware and malware scans; report it to your law enforcement agency.
Complaints of scams can be directed to the Federal Trade Commission at
Questions or concerns can be directed to the Columbia City Police Department at 248-5121.