Boilers purchased for Marshall building

COLUMBIA CITY — The Whitley County Consolidated School Corporation’s Board of School Trustees agreed Monday night to turn up the heat.Corporation Business Manager Anthony Zickgraf asked the board to approve the purchase of a new heating system for the Marshall Community Building to replace the facility’s nearly deceased boiler system.“We’ve been talking to you for about 18 months for the need of new boilers for the Marshall Building,” Zickgraf told the board.“One of the two has already given out and the other is 45 years old,” he added.Zickgraf told the board that a new system would cost about $153,184 and would be a cost-efficient expenditure.“We expect this job will pay for itself in about six and a half years, both in operating costs and utility costs,” said Zickgraf. “Just the gas bill alone is going to be a savings of about $8,000 a year.”Among other tenants, including the future site of Eagle Tech, the building houses the school corporation’s district offices.“It’s a little nippy in the morning here after one of those cold nights,” said Zickgraf.He told the board delivery would take about three to four weeks, with installation taking about another two to three weeks.