BOMB SCARE: Huntington North High School threatened

HUNTINGTON (Aug. 20, 2014) -- Students at Huntington North High School returned to classes at around 1:40 today after being evacuated to the football stadium just before 1:00 pm after a note that was found was judged to be a bomb threat.A search of the school turned up nothing, however all athletic practices have been canceled for the day.An administrative assistant in the school district sent the following release on the threat and evacuation at 1 p.m. today:There has been an unconfirmed bomb threat at Huntington North High School this afternoon, Wednesday, August 20, 2014. For precautionary reasons students have been evacuated temporarily to Kriegbaum stadium where they are under the supervision of school personnel and law enforcement. Students are safe and away from the building. There is no immediate threat to students and there is no early dismissal at this time.The single HNHS Away Athletic Event will take place as scheduled.ALL HNHS Athletic Practices are canceled for today.Please refer to our corporation website for additional information.